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How to Use Dietary Intervention for Autism Treatment

0 Comments 7 April 2015

In Part Two of Unraveling the Mystery of Autism and Pervasive Developmental Disorder, I have tried to include all of the helpful tips that took me years to discover, through trial and error and endless research. Here is a selection of them.

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Diet and Fitness

10 Things Only Yoga Fans Understand

2 Comments 6 April 2015

What you discover when you first start practicing yoga, and what you realize over time. From Yoga Girl.

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Diet and Fitness

9 Best Fitness Books for Sculpting Your Bikini Body

1 Comment 1 April 2015

Welcome to spring, or the unofficial start of training camp for bikini season. There's no better way to shake off the cabin fever your body's been feeling these past few months than to grab your running shoes, yoga mat, swimsuit, or bike helmet for an ab-sculpting, leg-toning workout.

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Diet and Fitness

No More Excuses Mom Maria Kang diet book

Accused Fat Shamer Maria Kang Has a Diet Book

0 Comments 30 March 2015

“What’s your excuse?” was the rallying cry of Maria Kang heard around the world. The so-called “Fit Mom” of three created waves of controversy when she posted a picture of herself on Facebook. Posed triumphantly above her young sons, she showed off her super-toned abs with the infamous tagline right above her head. The photo […]

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