The FastDiet Cookbook Recipe: Lo-Lo Meatballs with Cavolo Nero

0 Comments 16 July 2014

The infamous meatball isn't just an Italian favorite— it's enjoyed across many different cultures and traditions. Try this new take on a classic from The FastDiet Cookbook by Mimi Spencer and Dr. Sarah Schenker.

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Diet and Fitness

No-Cook, Low-Carb Meal Ideas for Summer

0 Comments 7 July 2014

Too busy, hot, or tired to cook? These ready-to-serve options from the deli, salad bar, and supermarket will help you get food on the table quickly, saving you money on takeout while sticking to your diet. From The New Atkins Made Easy.

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3 Skinny July Fourth Sides

1 Comment 2 July 2014

Every year, one of my favorite memories of the summer is celebrating the Fourth of July. On top of getting to spend the day in the sun with my friends and family, it gives me a chance to do one of my favorite things… eat!

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Health and Wellness

Sleeping problems

Why You Involuntarily Twitch in Your Sleep

1 Comment 30 June 2014

While winding down to sleep, sometimes people startle themselves (and their bedmates) with a massive, involuntarily jerk. Here's the science behind this curious behavior–and why you may often dream of falling. From The Secret Life of Sleep.

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