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SoulCycle NYC best workout

The Best Places to Work out in NYC

0 Comments 12 January 2015

We asked Mara Schiavocampo, author of THINspired and a workout fiend who dropped 90 lbs., to share with us her very favorite fitness studios in New York City. Here's her list—I can personally second SoulCycle, a spiritual, indescribably great indoor spin studio (and a great way to beat the winter blues) as well as the gorgeous and calming, albeit pricey Pure Yoga. If you aren't in the Big Apple, you can still get the glory of these workouts from proprietary DVDs, your local franchise (Soul is always expanding) or park, and YouTube fitness channels, all at a deep discount from the real deal.

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New Year, New You: 5 Books for Breaking Bad Habits

2 Comments 6 January 2015

These authors are taking the fight against obesity, chronic illness, and depression where it resides—in our own cycle of stagnant routines. Take the first step by absorbing tips from these guides and developing a lifestyle that will see you through to next December—and beyond.

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19 Simple Secrets for a Great Metabolism

0 Comments 6 January 2015

These tips from Healthy Happy Sexy: Ayurveda Wisdom for Modern Women will help you boost, or at least balance, your metabolism. Pick one or two things on the list to incorporate into your lifestyle, and when they feel like second nature, incorporate a few more.

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The Easiest Weight Loss Tip Ever (and It’s Free!)

1 Comment 5 January 2015

Throughout your day, drink hot liquids such as tea or warm water (flavor it with fresh lemon, mint, thyme, or ginger, if you like). Not only will it curb hunger and help reduce snacking, it will improve digestion. Avoid cold drinks and carbonated ones, especially at meals. From The Hot Belly Diet.

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