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Remove the Dangers Lurking in Your Beauty Products, Coffee, and Home

1 Comment 12 May 2015

Girls in this country are experiencing puberty earlier and earlier, and we think chemicals–plus the hormones in chickens, milk, and meat–may have something to do with it. Here's why you and your family should rethink certain common household items. From The Hormone Secret.

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Health and Wellness

nail salon hazards

Are You a Horrible Person for Getting Your Nails Done in a Salon?

0 Comments 11 May 2015

Last fall, we told you why your corner nail salon was probably the stuff of nightmares—for you and its employees, who sit day in and day out inhaling a toxic stew of godforsaken chemicals and being woefully underpaid for it (if they’re being paid at all). Now comes a new reason to question the quest […]

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Green Living

Rebuilding (the Right Way) After a Natural Disaster

0 Comments 8 May 2015

Mega-tragedies like Superstorm Sandy, which cause loss of life and billions in damages, drive an argument for radical changes that address the root, rather than the symptoms, of our climate crisis. With the right kind of public pressure, money can be spent reviving and reinventing communities hit by disasters. One example: Greensburg, Kansas, after a super tornado destroyed 95 percent of the town in 2007. From This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate.

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Health and Wellness

We’re All Full of Sh*t: Exploring the Microbial World of Our Poop

0 Comments 7 May 2015

It's a universal human experience that all of us can think of some people who are just full of shit. But today, thanks to advances in the science of microbial ecology and DNA sequencing technology, we can find out exactly what kind of shit people are full of. In projects around the world, ranging from the $173 million NIH-funded Human Microbiome Project, to crowdsourced and crowdfunded efforts like American Gut, we are starting to understand exactly what microbes live in our feces and how they may shape who we are.

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