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Guys: How to Build a Better Body at Any Age

3 Comments 20 June 2011

Men's fitness tips include dumb bell leg squats to get a body women will loveCan you get a rock-hard body at any age? Yes, says Jeffry S. Life, M.D., Ph.D., author of The Life Plan: How Any Man Can Achieve Lasting Health, Great Sex, and a Stronger, Leaner Body. (Check him out — he’s living proof.) These simple exercises will help you create a body that will drive her wild.

Single Leg Squats
Benefits: This exercise will strengthen your quadriceps, hamstrings, and buttocks.
To start: Stand upright, arms at your sides, and draw your navel inward, balancing on one leg.
1. Bend at the knee until your leg reaches a 45-degree angle. Touch your toe with your opposite hand. Do not let your standing knee move.
2. Slowly return to the starting position.

Dumbbell Step-Ups
Benefits: This exercise will strengthen your quadriceps, hamstrings, and buttocks.
To start: Stand facing a step, bench, or box, holding a dumbbell in each hand.
1. Place your right foot up onto the step, creating a 90-degree angle with the knee.
2. Driving the weight of your body through your right heel, stand up onto the step.
3. Lower yourself, with control, back to the floor, left foot first, and step off completely.
4. Repeat on the other side (right leg leads up, left leg leads down; left leg leads up, right leg leads down).

Lying Leg Curls
Benefits: This exercise strengthens and shapes the back of your thighs.
To start: Lie facedown on the bench. Place your knees beyond the edge of the bench. Adjust the rollers so that they rest on the back a little above your ankles. Hold on to the handles on the side, keeping your gaze straight ahead.
1. Slowly raise and flex your knees to raise your feet against the rollers. Your feet should almost touch your glutes.
2. Lower and return to the starting position.

NOTE: Make sure that you do not lift your hips off the bench, putting too much pressure on your lower back.



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  • KJenkins377

    I’ll definitely add these to my work-out routine, but it is important to remember doing cardio is also essential for overall health.

  • kojala

    It’s important to retain a balance of both cardio and strength training. Look at Dr. Life–he’s 72 and buff!

  • Six Pack

    I’ve seen some of Dr.Jefry Life’s recent photos – simply unbelievable! He is and will be my inspiration.


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