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How to Overcome Negative Thoughts That Keep You from Getting Fit

3 Comments 04 April 2012

WomanStretching_300You know it’s good for you, but a million excuses can get between you and a workout. Here’s how to change your thinking—and your health—with tips from The Ultimate Stress-Relief Plan for Women: Heal the Destructive Effects of Stress on Your Body.

Negative: I’m too exhausted even to think of moving.
Positive: I always have much more energy after I exercise.

Negative: I’m just so slow.
Positive: When I started I was winded so quickly. I may not be a speed demon, but I’ve really built up my endurance.

Negative: My whole body hurts from that last workout.
Positive: If I stretch well or take a hot bath, my muscles will be warmed up, and I’ll be feeling no pain once I start moving.

Negative: I had to skip three days because I had a virus. It’s always impossible for me to stay with it. Something always gets in the way.
Positive: Each day is a new day, and I can pick up where I left off.

Negative: It’s miserable out, so I think I’ll just sleep in this morning.
Positive: It’s raining too hard for me to enjoy my walk, I think I’ll try that new yoga DVD.

Negative: This was the most stressful day at work in a long time. I think I’ll make myself a martini.
Positive: I haven’t been this stressed out in a long time. I bet a good workout will help me burn off this tension.

Stephanie McClellan, M.D., and Beth Hamilton, M.D., both educated at USC, are partners in a thriving medical practice specializing in Obstetrics and Gynecology based in Newport Beach, CA. As a team, they are affiliated with Hoag Memorial Presbeterian Hospital in Newport Beach. They have become widely known for their "outpatient hysterectomy" procedure, which is done with laparoscopy, almost no pain, little blood loss, and much faster recovery--2 days to 2 weeks. Additionally, Dr. McClellan has served as Charman of the Ob/Gyn Dept. and as a consultant to the hospital on women's health for ten years. She helped to coordinate the founding and building of their renowned Women's Health Pavilion. She raised an unprecedented 70 million dollars for that project and her vision shaped the highly regarded women's health center.

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  • Rhonda

    Guilty, guilty guilty! Of every single one!

  • kojala

    It’s the way of our nature. We tend to focus on the negative–positive thinking takes work. We can do it!

  • Adina Barnhill

    It’s miserable out, so I think I’ll just sleep in this morning.


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