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The 5 Best Anti-PMS Supplements

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Anti-PMS supplementsPlagued by PMS? These supplements, available at health food stores, have been shown to decrease and often prevent many premenstrual problems. Learn more from Uzzi Reiss, M.D./O.B.-GYN and Martin Zucker, authors of Natural Hormone Balance for Women: Look Younger, Feel Stronger, and Live Life With Exuberance.

Magnesium Glycinate
This form of magnesium provides superb absorption. Magnesium in excess can cause a laxative or drowsiness effect. Try to take as much as you can to achieve two soft bowel movements a day but without experiencing a strong, sedative effect.

I use a glycinate product made by Metagenics. In general, I suggest one to four 200-milligram capsules twice a day. Use as much as is tolerable. If you can’t find this product, look for magnesium aspartate in your health food store.

Gamma-Linoleic Acid (GLA)
Take 400 milligrams daily. This fatty acid is the active ingredient in evening primrose oil.

B Complex
Take 100 milligrams daily.

Vitamin B6
Take 50 to 600 milligrams in divided doses over the day. Start low. Increase as needed.

You may recall a negative study on B6 conducted in the 1980s that got a lot of media attention. It appeared to link doses over 750 milligrams to nervous system damage. Subsequent research has clarified the issue. The actual problem was a relative deficiency of vitamin B2 that developed when very high doses (up to 2,000 milligrams) of B6 were taken alone. Anytime you take a large amount of one of the B vitamins, you should always take a full-range B complex vitamin as well. This prevents the development of a deficiency and imbalance among the other B vitamins. I have recommended high doses of B6 and B complex to many patients without any problem. B6 is very useful for reducing fluid retention.

An Herbal Diuretic
Available in health food stores. Follow label instructions.


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