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The Dangers of Drinking Milk and Eating Dairy

1 Comment 2 February 2015

I was lactose intolerant, but took enzymes so that I could continue to eat dairy. A book called Don't Drink Your Milk by Frank Oski, the former director of pediatrics at Johns Hopkins Medical School, convinced me to do a trial period without any dairy at all. In the book, he cited numerous reasons why dairy products were unsuitable for both children and adults.

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Super Bowl Party Recipe: Meatless Buffalo ‘Wings’ with Tofu

1 Comment 30 January 2015

"The first thing I think about on Super Bowl Sunday is food, not football," says School of Fish author and Oceana executive chef Ben Pollinger. We can't disagree with him there (though we do love our football... go Hawks!). Here, he shows us how to make a healthier, meatless version of that timeless game-day party classic: Buffalo wings.

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Diet and Fitness

Great Bodies Are Made in the Kitchen, Not the Gym

0 Comments 28 January 2015

Exercise has a zillion benefits beyond burning calories, but when it comes to losing weight, what you eat is far, far more important than working out. Any good trainer will tell you that. From Thinspired: How I Lost 90 Pounds—My Plan for Lasting Weight Loss and Self-Acceptance.

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Health and Wellness

online health courses

Take Charge of Your Wellness with Online Healing

0 Comments 26 January 2015

If you'd like to make over your life, the best way to start is by taking better care of yourself. We don't just mean eating more greens, or getting eight hours of sleep a night (though that's a great start). For years, our favorite, most respected health expert has been Dr. David B. Agus, author of A Short Guide to a Long Life, professor of medicine and engineering at USC’s Keck School of Medicine, and CBS News medical contributor.

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