Health and Wellness

Moving through Grief: 11 Books to Guide the Way

0 Comments 27 April 2015

Grief is a part of life, so goes the old saying. But when you're in the middle of it, whether it's a result of losing a loved one or perhaps another kind of loss like a layoff or divorce, it is easy to feel alone. It can seem like no one has ever felt the way you do. The emptiness and physical pain are so intense that on the worst days, it can feel like it will never end.

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Green Living

How to Eliminate Junk Mail

0 Comments 22 April 2015

Junk mail creates clutter, is a significant time-waster, and a profound waste of paper and resources. Here's how to reduce the unnecessary pile in your mailbox. From Zero Waste Home: The Ultimate Guide to Simplifying Your Life by Reducing Your Waste.

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Diet and Fitness

Learn to Love Your Body by Silencing Your Bitch Brain

0 Comments 21 April 2015

Wherever your body is right now is where it ought to be. It may be fifteen pounds over where you'd like it to be; it may be bloated, tired, sluggish, or in pain. But in order to steer yourself on a new course and care for your body in a productive, health-affirming way, you have to release yourself from the negative mental baggage.

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Health and Wellness


5 Simple Steps to Calm Menopause Symptoms

1 Comment 16 April 2015

Menopause is defined as 12 consecutive months without a period. What that term does not tell us is anything about the 10 to 15 years surrounding that inauspicious date and how it can hijack the quality of our life.

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