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should you let your baby cry

Is the Cry-It-Out Method Detrimental to Babies?

0 Comments 21 March 2014

How to handle a baby's night cries is a hotly debated issue. Some say that letting a baby cry at night helps him learn how to self-soothe, but a new study shows otherwise. From The Secret Life of Sleep.

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Diet and Fitness

warm up

You’re Stretching the Wrong Way: Here’s the Right Method

2 Comments 18 March 2014

Many common static stretches could actually be detrimental. If you want to stretch before exercising, try these dynamic movements from FastExercise instead.

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The Best 17 Day Diet Recipes

4 Comments 17 March 2014

Divided into four cycles, The 17 Day Diet is all about helping you boost your metabolism, burn fat, and build healthy new habits to lose weight—and keep it off. Some of these easy recipes can be found in the latest edition of Dr. Mike Moreno's popular book, which features 50 delicious new dishes and quick slimming tips based on new research.

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15 Healthy St. Patrick’s Day Recipes

0 Comments 17 March 2014

Branch out this St. Patrick’s Day with a mix of green, and traditional Irish fare. Including favorites like soda bread and colcannon to healthy greens in superfood soup and kale, you’ll be sure to find a recipe that will put the luck of the Irish on your side. You just might find a recipe that you wouldn’t mind keeping all year round.

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