Green Living

Earth Day: Why We Can’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

0 Comments 22 April 2014

With the increase of deadly droughts and wildfires, climate change is quickly becoming a catastrophe that politicians, nor citizens can no longer ignore. Global warming not only continues to exacerbate poverty around the world, but it also risks the livelihood of future generations.

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Health and Wellness

Conquering Jet Lag… with an App?

1 Comment 18 April 2014

Travel is one of life's great experiences, but the accompanying jet lag is not. We all know the drill: desperately trying to sleep on the plane with a stiff neck pillow, unsatisfying naps, and lots of melatonin. But nothing ever really seems to work. Enter Entrain, a new iPhone app to help you get your body on a fast track to the circadian rhythm of your new environment. It aims to predict a cycle of light exposure and wakefulness vs. sleeping in the dark that will get you walking tour-ready after just a few days.

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Diet and Fitness

This IS Why We’re Fat

1 Comment 14 April 2014

To be blunt, here's what's causing that muffin top. From Cavewomen Don't Get Fat: The Paleo Chic Diet for Rapid Results.

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Diet and Fitness

working out together

8 Ways to Overcome Your Inner Couch Potato, Fast

0 Comments 9 April 2014

In FastExercise, we offer a range of “HIT” (high-intensity training) workouts that take as little as just 10 minutes a day. Even so, there will always be reasons not to do them. Stay active with these tips.

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