Dr. Bombay

The Juice Generation Recipe: Dr. Bombay

0 Comments 17 January 2014

Like the best cider boosted with beneficial support, this hot blend will calm and comfort on cold and windy days. From The Juice Generation book.

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Health and Wellness

om in the office

5 Ways to Create Om in the Office

0 Comments 16 January 2014

If you're sitting while reading this (and chances are strong that you are), you will instantly benefit from these tips for reducing stress and busting up a sedentary day—and your in box will feel lighter instantly. Namaste.

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Diet and Fitness

Couples Who Team up Have Better Weight-Loss Success

1 Comment 15 January 2014

People in relationships are surprisingly similar to one another in their overall health—far more similar than two strangers—and when one person makes an active effort to be healthier, the partner often improves as well.

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Diet and Fitness

DIY Juicing: Get Healthier in 5 Minutes a Day, $20 a Week

0 Comments 15 January 2014

Juicing isn't just for celebrities. If you have five minutes a day and $20 a week, you can adopt a healthy green habit. You don't need to go to an expensive juice bar to start incorporating gem-colored, fresh, rejuvenating smoothies and green drinks into your daily routine. You can save money and do it all at home.

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