raw shake

Eat Raw, Not Cooked Recipe: Happy Shake

0 Comments 28 May 2014

Though this creamy blend tastes like a delicious dessert, it’s chock-full of spinach, berries, and super happy foods, like raw chocolate and maca. From Eat Raw, Not Cooked.

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Health and Wellness

donating blood

8 Coping Strategies for Needle Phobia

2 Comments 27 May 2014

If you hate needles but need blood drawn, here's how to make the task less cringe-worthy. From The Silver Lining: A Supportive & Insightful Guide to Breast Cancer.

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America’s Most Wanted Recipes At the Grill: Chili’s Low-Fat Fajitas

0 Comments 26 May 2014

Chicken or beef fajitas can be an easy diet-friendly menu choice. From America’s Most Wanted Recipes At the Grill.

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Diet and Fitness

French woman

French Women Don’t Get Fat (after Baby)

0 Comments 21 May 2014

Don't blame yourselves, American moms. French women are treated to post-natal care from therapists who not only specialize in rehabilitating the stomach muscles, but also the pelvic-floor muscles. From Bumpology.

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