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The Best 17 Day Diet Recipes

6 Comments 17 March 2014

Divided into four cycles, The 17 Day Diet is all about helping you boost your metabolism, burn fat, and build healthy new habits to lose weight—and keep it off. Some of these easy recipes can be found in the latest edition of Dr. Mike Moreno's popular book, which features 50 delicious new dishes and quick slimming tips based on new research.

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If you ruined your diet by eating too much chocolate on Valentine

Sweet Tooth on a Diet? Try These No-Cheat 17 Day Diet Dessert Recipes

2 Comments 17 February 2012

So it was Valentine’s Day and we all indulged in a little too much chocolate. Some days sticking to your diet is harder than you want it to be. You might decide it’s OK to indulge because you have a special occasion. It happens. Get back on track and have your sweets, too, with these great 17 Day Diet Cookbook recipes.

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17 Day Diet Cookbook Recipe for Green Tea Spiked Applesauce from Dr. Mike Moreno

17 Day Diet Recipe: Green Tea-Spiked Applesauce

2 Comments 01 February 2012

Did you know that apples help prevent weight gain and even aid weight loss? It’s true. They contain pectin, a substance that delays stomach emptying, keeping you full longer. Pectin also lowers cholesterol almost as effectively as drugs do. Whip up this recipe for applesauce spiked with green tea from The 17 Day Diet Cookbook.

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Healthy Hanukkah dishes include this Joy of Cooking recipe for beet and carrot latkes

5 Fun, Healthy Hanukkah Recipes

No Comments 20 December 2011

By Kristin Sidorov Bring on the Festival of Lights! Hanukkah's eight nights of celebration include some beloved dishes served at large feasts with rich sides and decadent desserts. Keep your celebration simple with these lightened-up recipes and creative twists on some of the holiday's favorite dishes, and you'll feel celebratory long after the latkes.

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